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Beyond Folksonomies: Knitting Tag Clouds for Grandma

Beyond Folksonomies: Knitting Tag Clouds for Grandma

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Ran from getting my bag to catch the last fifteen mintutes here, which was the Q+A. What I gleaned:

Regarding folksonomies and tagging systems, we need to stop creating tools and THEN start worrying about finding users. The most successful tools now were developed to fix a problem, and weren’t just based on a cool idea. Find the problems and try to fix the need.

Two questions asked:

Who on the Web is doing tagging ‘right’, and what are the best practices for implementation?

Mary Hodder of talked about iTags, a distributed tagging system that is inherently more rich than Technorati tags. Basically this combines identity plus tagging plus Creative Commons licenses tied to media. She also says the people at this conference should NOT be the ones determining if tagging is user friendly, so do usability testing every week with REGULAR users, because that’s who will grasp on to and really make tagging useful in the future days.

What is the default tag for finding SXSW Interactive photos on Flickr?

According to Liz Lawley, it’s ‘sxsw2006’ and that’s it, who wryly referred to the irony in determining a taxonomy in a folksonomy workshop.


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