SXSW Interactive

Building Buzz for Your Web Projects

panel: “Building a Buzz Around Your Brand”

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Regardless of what business you’re in, you most likely have at least a presence on the Web, if not an active role. You might as well maximize your time there. So do people know you exist on the Web? This excellently diverse panel talked different strategies to virally attract interest to your business, regardless of what your business is, without spending much advertising money. A quick summation of some basic tips (these suggestions weren’t universally accepted by the panel — each had a different perspective, which is what made it interesting):

– “humanize” your brand (you are a person, not a company)
– have one company spokesperson vs. several to keep your audience focused
– regularly maintain a blog
– have a strong offline presence (conferences, events)
– “buzz” is a mixed blessing; it can distract you from your core business
– create a “loyalty system” for users who promote you; make them stars on your site, give them access to exclusive content
– by contacting journalists (newspapers, radio, TV) with personalized tips about elements of your service, you’re not bugging them — you’re doing them a favor and helping them do their jobs
– people who like you will spend less time liking you than people who hate you spend hating you, so embrace your haters
– no press is bad press!


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