SXSW Interactive

Have you seen me?

I gots da wheels.I have two wheels and a seat and a frame and some related hardware (like this picture), and I was locked up at a bike rack on the south side of the Austin Convention Center, and some a**hole (pardon my French) took me against my will to an undisclosed location where I may or may not have been painted a different color, disassembled, melted down, or used as an accomplice in a petty crime. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, but at least think of me the next time you hop on one of my wheeled brethren (who, naturally, you assume ownership of) and breathe the clean morning air on the way to the coffee shop. Because that’s what I was supposed to do this morning, and I’m pissed I had to make my (former) owner walk.


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