SXSW Interactive

Burnie Burns Keynote

Ryan Seacrest

Originally uploaded by podcastator.

Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth gave us a look at how content producers (including him) have long had to deal with network access in order to get their stuff out there. AT+T split in 1982 into eight companies, creating a perception of a free market, but they have since merged back into three (AT+T, Verizon, Qwest) and the fight is on again between the peasant-ish content creators and the ‘Net access royalty who hold the keys to the big (and for creators, expensive) pipes. He purports that “content is still king”, and compared the glut of online networks (startups, these days) vs. the small number of quality content providers. Projection: the gap will only get wider in the next 12 months. And VOIP providers a la Skype with their free access are going to be in for a smackdown from the big boys in the same time period.


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