Video Blogging

Oh no! Dissent in the ‘vlogosphere’!

I’ll take a break from reading important news to mention a ridiculous tizzy in the magical world of video blogging, vlogging, videocasting, whatever — ZeFrank (whom I recently started watching in earnest at the recommendation of a coworker) is pissed because he doesn’t have the stats of Rocketboom. I’ve seen more than enough episodes of RB (i.e. not many, which equals the number I’ve been able to stomach) to side with ZeF regardless to what his argument is here, which seems to be that RB is fudging their stats and that argument supposedly has disproven. Regardless, he shines a light on something here — why are RB’s stats so high? RB at it’s core is drivel, always has been, pre- and post-Amanda. It’s not comedy; it’s hardly news; it doesn’t shed light on any interesting issues. To say it’s connected to blogging at all is a joke; it’s obviously pandering to the guy-heavy medium of technology by taking attractive girls from outside the tech world and letting them dance behind a fake news desk and inside RSS readers. It’s essentially pornography, mostly clothed, suitable for viewing at the office, and it’s not any better than the crap that big media spews out daily. ZeF, on the other hand, is actually capable of saying things that can be construed as comedic, and comedy has long had value for making people laugh and not take themselves too seriously.

I’ll save any argument about the value of videoblogging (yeah, of course, good/educational/interesting things can come out of it) and the value of RB promoting the medium, but will say that if I were ZeF I would argue this: comedy is worth watching, mostly clothed pornography is not. If you have time to waste watching videoblogs at the office, watch ZeF during the day and find the *real* porn at night. Now back to more interesting and not-so-negative matters …


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