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Now THAT’S How to Get Techcrunched

This is probably something that’s will be effective only once in Crunchland, at least in this dramatic fashion: a company wants reviewed in an industry-leading blog, said company doesn’t get reviewed BUT its competitor does, huge stink is raised in comments of blog that purports blog lacks integrity, blogger responds in post, readers react, all sides apologize, company gets the exposure it wants.

It’s a bit disturbing though — and judging by his comments, a bit disturbing to Arrington as well — that a company would think it’s THAT vital to end up in Techcrunch in determining the success of said business. I mean, how about creating a great product that people use and focusing on the customers? If you need the TC audience in order to realize success, well, honestly, you’re probably hitting a pretty limited audience (even with all the bloggers who read TC and blog about it and their readers blog, etc.). What’s the problem you’re solving? Techcrunch does review startups, and doesn’t broker relationships between users who have issues that need to be tackled and companies ready to solve them.


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