Zuuunnne Coming Soooooon

zuneZune.net is up and rolling promoting Microsoft’s new Zune wireless music player and I see some hipster on the front page crying into a microphone next to a girl making a kissy face under the heading “Welcome to the Social”. In my day a ‘social’ was an ‘ice cream social’. Awww, I see– copywriting gets kids’ attention these days if it looks like it was copied from someone’s comment stream on their MySpace page.

I think it’s supposed to be a happy site but I can’t tell from the lack of smiley faces [ :)-;o-:P, etc. ] but I’m not detecting the subtle desirability of those iPod ads, those silhouettes with the white headphones. I mean, this could be Gap.com (at least it’s not Abercrombie and Fitch because I don’t need to see any naked teenagers — or maybe that’s my problem). But I’d say Microsoft still has time to figure out this branding thing, considering most normal people don’t even have a clue the Zune is scheduled to come out in 10 days, 3 hours, 42 minutes, and 12.252 seconds (any relationship to the actual release date is purely because I’m chomping at the bit I mean it’s coincidental).

So I may be speculating too much, but I’m not anticipating that this new device is going to be in any way iPod or iTunes friendly (what if you could suck all the songs from your iPod straight to the Zune with some sort of patch cable? I mean, geek city, right?). I probably will not be getting one of these as much as talking one of my friends into getting one so I can steal it and play with it.

[Addendum: more than one in every two iPod owners could be buying a Zune within the next year.]


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