A Moment When I Want to Reach Through The Internet and Strangle Someone

Congrats to Universal for tricking Microsoft into thinking that the majority of Zune owners actually want and will have your music. I don’t know how Microsoft could agree to give a seemingly random dollar amount to Universal because Zune owners *may* have Unimusic. This is my favorite nugget from the above link, in case you can’t read it:

“Universal said it was only fair to receive payment on devices that may be repositories for stolen music.”

Hey Universal, has it been fair to gouge music listeners for years without giving them much of anything back? And don’t try to tell me that spreading lame culture (i.e. from the UniHomepage, music from Chenoa, JoJo, Dave Hollister — who wants that crap?) is helping our society. Check out what people who listen to JoJo and cross-check that with the demographics for potential Zune purchasers — I for one don’t think you’ll have get much overlap, but maybe I’m too optimistic about the tastes of gadget freaks.

How about taking that dollar per device and putting it to a bit better use than pumping out a bunch of crappy plastic discs, placing your “artists” in stupid TV shows and buying airplay on crappy Clear Channel stations? Maybe you can buy some more compelling musicians.

But the moral is the cat is out of the bag: doesn’t matter what device people are using, if they can copy music and put it on their devices, they will. The Zune is just one of those devices. Are you going to start getting a dollar from every computer and mobile phone sold? How about every Secure Digital card? Trans-flash? USB keychain? You’re living in an old-school, and silly, world — and from the looks of this deal, so is Microsoft (nothing new learned here).


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