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Remember 1987? It was SO Web 0.0

Read/Write Web expounds on a NYTimes article about Web 3.0, or the semantic Web. Yeah, uh, so what’s the semantic Web? I guess it’s closer to collectivelythink shared artificial intelligence than we’ve experienced before, based on documents stored on the Internet that are arranged by metadata. If there are already billions of pages on the Web with POOR metadata, how do they fit into this equation? Perhaps Web 3.0 will empower random individuals to add metadata to most of these pages and sites in the name of public good, sort of like a Web-wide Wikipedia. It’s already happening with pictures, music, and podcasts, but are all those loose pages interesting enough to worry about? Maybe, or left to float in the digital wind, perhaps, until Web 4.0, 5.0, or beyond.


One thought on “Remember 1987? It was SO Web 0.0

  1. The tools are evolving to manage the sea of original content that is being creating in the wonderful world of web 2.0, do we evolve tools to make sense of all the metatags and secondary information as part of WWWb 3.0? If, as has been suggested, order is emerging from the chaos of social media, and the major information outlets (with some new friends) are taking over the top 10 rankings everywhere, do all the loose pages end up pushing those social media content producers back into the netherworld of pre-Web 2.0 isolation…isolated by a sea of alternative information rather than by a lack of social media tools…… Does Web 3.0 consist of the tools to let people find the content that fits their needs and desires intelligently rather than through the forced editorial of top ten sites?

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