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Yahoo! Buys, Uh, Something Else

peasOK, so if Yahoo! has this much money to burn, why not use it on something moderately worthwhile like saving an endangered species, ridding the world of cockroaches, or reinstating Pluto in our solar system? Or they could just buy another user-generated content thinger. The Post says this new thingee, which is only nine months old (that’s a lot of money to spend on an infant, especially if you don’t factor in the costs of diapers and Gerber — more strained peas please!), has one million users. Now everyone knows how quickly people sign up for stuff just because they can, only to forget about it within two days and off to the next thinger. I think Yahoo! knows this too, but they have to show some company growth somehow, and it looks like entrepreneurs are running out of good ideas. But at least there will always be a market for strained peas. More, please!


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