Pitchfork: Monopolies Suck

As far as hip music journalism goes these days, Pitchfork Media pretty much is the beginning and the end, the annointed tastemaker among independent rock geeks.  For indie bands clamoring for fame, a positive Pitchfork plug is the secret to sales, while a negative plug, well, you might have better luck selling spatulas made from your melted down discs.  I think Pitchfork will eventually fail as soon as readers figure out how they can cut out the middleman and decide if they like a new band by hearing the band themselves or by getting a recommendation from someone they trust (i.e., enter Last Fm).  I mean, it will probably always be an “and-and-and” situation (I use Pitchfork AND LastFM AND AllMusic, etc.), but hopefully the playing field will level a bit and bands won’t feel like they NEED to get positively Pitchforked to make the grade — the listeners will decide.


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