I’ve noticed that coats/jackets that I wear these days have plenty of pockets compared to the coats I used to wear– maybe coatmakers are getting wise to the compulsive ‘gadgetitis’ of the hip people these days. Well maybe our coats can take a step backward with this holiday’s new wave of combo phone / music players. I have one, and I have an iPod that I don’t carry with me anymore (still lots of reasons to use it in the home), which means I’m one of those who likes to carry one dead bird around in my pocket instead of two (HA! two birds, one stone–get it? Um, yeah.). But it sounds like music phone manufacturers, while clearly banking on this new revolution, don’t have any freaking idea how people are or will be using their products. Take this figure from the link: 50% of musicphone owners listen to music on their phones. Aside from 0% and 100%, spitting out 50% as a number– I mean, that isn’t even thinking! It’s definitely not based on any reasearch, because if it was, the percentage would be 39.83 or something similar.

gadgetsI can say why I like having a music phone, other than having one less pocket filled with gadget: I still worry about pumping low level microwaves from cell phones into my brain by holding cellphones up to my ear. I used to do this because it was ridiculous to wear a Bluetooth headset for my mobile phone AND earbuds for my iPod at the same time, so I could quickly shut off my Pod when a call came in, pull a bud out and shove the phone against my head. And I held off from getting one of these because, frankly, I was tired of buying more gadget crap for my gadget crap, so when I was able to get a Pocket PC phone and MP3 player with headphones that switch off the music when a call comes in, I mean that’s just the cat’s pajamas, if you think cats should wear pajamas.

cat pajamasSo I guess if I were a musicphone company, I’d say hell, 100% of the owners of my product are using it exactly the way I want! Who needs real numbers? And I’ll go with that too, because I think portable music and portable phones are a great match. And I still got gadgetitis!


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