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Windows Vista Comes Out Quietly

For all the talk leading up to the release of the latest Windows operating system, Vista came out of the closet last week (for business use) and I didn’t even notice. WINDOWS

Surely it will have more of a consumer bang when pre – installed on the latest PC fashions in 2007, but some of those in the know are already saying the business release isn’t all that differrent than XP.

XP seemed to me like the first serious upgrade of Windows since 95 (I used — and loathed, for their unstableness and slowness — both 98 and 2000 on the first PCs I purchased with my own hard-earned cash), but I guess I was overly optimistic in now expecting the sort of whiz-bang feeling that came from first using 95 after bumbling with the Atari-esque Windows 3.0 (although for some reason I played a lot of video games on 3.0, kind of an aberration for me at the time — maybe because 3 didn’t seem to handle anything else very well.)


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