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Podbop with Less, Uh, Pod

podbopI had used Podbop earlier this year to hear tracks of regional/national/international bands coming to play at a venue near me, with media files attached to each upcoming event/post in a RSS feed so a user like me can listen to a couple tracks from the band and decide whether or not to go see that show.  It’s supposed to be a service built on podcasting, and it is podcasting by definition — media files (songs) within RSS.  I subscribed to the feeds for both Boston and Cambridge MA and found them to only be somewhat helpful, mainly because the feed wasn’t targeted enough to bands of my taste — PodBop had only cut deals with and/or were only displaying entries from the biggest clubs, the ones that got the bigger acts that definitely had media files on the Web (probably media from iTunes?). Well now the service is changed, but not in the way it was originally intended.  It’s now like Eventful but about upcoming concerts.  They’ve expanded the breadth of the entries/venues/bands to appeal to more interests, but therefore are displaying a lot of bands that are so small in notoriety that it’s probably quite difficult to locate any media for them on the Web.  So it’s more just like a local concert report, albeit an incomplete one (I’ll stick with my local community station for that one).

PodBop is a good idea, and I would use it if I could target it to my interests.  From a media collection standpoint PB now would probably have better luck getting an API from MySpace (if one even exists), because most all of these smaller niche bands probably have media there (that would be if MySpace were to allow bands to decide to release their media in an API, which is probably a long shot, no?).


2 thoughts on “Podbop with Less, Uh, Pod

  1. It’s true the podcast feature is slightly less emphasized since the redesign but every city still has a podcast link in the sidebar and that’s still the most convenient way to keep up with listings, imo. Nothings really changed.

    We’re still working on getting as many matches (mp3 + event) as possible. When there are way more matches, we will definitely incorporate filtering by tag/genre so you don’t have to listen to stuff you don’t like.

    And yeah, a myspace API would be amazing 🙂

    Podbop’s really meant to be powered by the community, so if there’s a band/event that is missing please feel free to add it!

  2. Thanks Taylor — I’m not giving up on Podbop. Conceptually it’s a great idea, and I wasn’t aware of the community aspect of it. I’ll keep an eye/ear on you guys …

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