Buzzing Companies, Web of Data

Oh How Data is Rendered!

I’m in the market for a new digital camera, mostly as a result of my severe case of gadgetitis brought on by images of CES 2007 dancing in my head. In years past I shopped for digicams via the good word on against Amazon customer reviews, but as I (finally) realized a few moments ago I have possibly a better resource, and that’s Flickr, with long-ass pages filled with data on popular brands and models in the digital camera world, with each camera getting its own page filled with Flickr photos that directly show that model’s photo quality. That’s hot stuff. I love how Flickr is using this kind of data to create almost an entirely new service/business on top of their community-of-photos-and-photographers feature set. I’m really looking forward to the Web continuing this trend of data-to-the-folks. Git it!


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