Big Companies, Buzzing Companies

Yes, I/We Want an iPhone (*but from which company?)

I tried to ignore the rumblings yesterday, but today I’m all in it: the iPhone is here — and it’s quite expensive (~$500) and doesn’t have as much storage (4GB or 8GB) as I thought it would. But yes, it looks cool and yes, if someone else gets one I’ll probably play with it longer than he/she wants me to. That’s because my phone, by the time of the iPhone’s U.S. release in June, will look chubby and clunky in comparison. But, you know, you get used to these things when sporting the latest technological fashions is one of your hobbies, so to speak. Unless the price comes down significantly, I’ll probably just stand by and consider myself left in the technological dust (“old school”, “not hip”, etc.).

*THIS JUST IN: The iPhone name has long been trademarked, and Cisco now owns the name and put out an iPhone just three weeks ago, and today sued Apple for using the same name. Expect Apple to counter with some wrath-of-God lawyering.


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