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Slooooow Aggregation

Zang!  Net News Wire on my desktop collects and serves up my RSS feeds, from text to podcasts to photos, but lately, I don’t know — maybe it’s reached some kind of critical feed mass, because I can hardly get it to react anymore.  It moves with the screenshot_1.pngslowness.  I use Bloglines through the browser on occassion, but something about it doesn’t strike me, perhaps the interface. The problem with NNW is that it updates all the feeds at once every some seconds, whether I access them or not, and I think it bogs down the system; the reaction time from my click anywhere in the window to movement is getting to be annoying.

To the rescue? Using Podcast.com through the browser I will be able to aggregate feeds in much the same way, but will update each feed only when you click on it.  Otherwise it sits and waits for you.  So each time you click a feed you are waiting for one feed to act rather than all the feeds you have collected.  Granted NNW doesn’t have to refresh a feed every time you click it, but the Pcast setup seems much more convenient for a quicker user experience.

It’s the weekend — that’s enough on work for now. I will go have beer now.


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