Buzzing Companies

Feeding My Video Habits

rattSome of my friends profess an addiction to You Tube. I’ve seen their video playlists, and they’re not promoting the latest user generated videos — they’re pushing the old stuff: TV shows, concerts, music videos from the ’80s, etc. Numerous times a friend has shown me a playlist and has gotten me pumped up about scavenging for old vidz, but each time I get discouraged because I can’t find the stuff that I think of. Or I get discouraged by a low success rate.

So in a way I’m a fan of these deals You Tube is striking with big media content creators. More stuff for me to choose from, and that’s good, but more time for me to waste sifting through a bunch of old crap (not stuffstuff is good) I probably am better off forgetting anyway. Unless I find some Ratt, which I think I can make an exception for (for for).


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