Beyond Broadcast today

Conferences abound — I’m representing Podcast.com at Beyond Broadcast in the cool Frank Gehry building @ MIT that I walk by every day. Our second year here, and this year’s conference is only one day long, which seems to have helped to force the conference organizers and participants to really hone in on the issues at hand. The morning sessions were a bit flat, but things picked up after lunch; I took part in an interesting group conversation about the hurdles (mostly related to standardizing the creation of metadata) in creating an open media library, which is something the Participatory Culture Foundation and the Berkman Center are prototyping right now. Moderator Charlie Nesson talked about Harvard’s role as an institution, as well as universities around the globe, in developing a robust, interconnected system to upload, organize and find media. Fellow grouper Dave Winer took a photo of our bunch of folks.

After we hear back from the rest of the working groups, we’ll drink and demo before splitting up into dinner discussions; I’m really excited about the one I’m attending on the role of the record label in the digital age (I hoped to attend this dinner but was out of commission by the end of the day.)


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