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I’m drinking Limonata, i.e. Mountain Dew from Italy without the water and with prettier cans, and it’s my Tab (literally amazing 1970s Tab commercial here). What I mean is I watched the Sarah Silverman show on Comedy Central last night, and it probably was a new episode, where two of the supporting characters (two guys who are best friends) are in a restaurant and one chastises the other for never having tried Tab cola, so the guy not only orders a Tab, but professes it to have changed his entire life and proceeds in the episode to surround himself with Tab and Tab-related products at home and everywhere he goes, and his friend does the same (even cancels work for both of them to go to visit, and maybe even work, at the Tab plant in Tennessee) because he has to outdo his friend at taking a joke too far, and it culminates in both characters in a coffee house wearing Tab-related outfits, one in a foam costume shaped like a Tab can, the other in Tab racing gear like those NASCAR people wear, and one surprising the other outside the coffee house with Tab logos all over his car destined for the Tab plant in Tennessee (they stop home for a drink and instead opt for tea, ending the madness).

So Limonata might be my Tab if I can find a Limonata can foam suit to wear to work. Incidentally Tab WAS my Tab a few years ago after I discovered a lone six pack on the bottom shelf in the soda aisle of the local supergiantmart, but I quit drinking it after a month or so of drinking it religiously (my supermarket couldn’t keep up with my intake so I had to trek across town to one that could) after I called my mom across the country and professed my love for Tab, and she told me I had to stop drinking it because it contained saccharin, which was almost banned by the USDA in 1977 for reportedly causing cancer in rats. (Limonata, thankfully, does not contain saccharin, but it does contain carbon dioxide, so yes mom, I am wary.)


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