SXSW Interactive

Keynote: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Mobile Web … but Were Afraid to Ask

Brian Fling Dir of Strategy, Blue Flavor

Presentation should be here in PDF.

Cost, content, context: the 3 Cs of translating the Web to mobile devices, according to Brian, who has worked with all tier one and most tier two mobile companies in the US, and is preparing the release of a dot mobi Web developers guide.

Brian says almost half of all Web users will be mobile users in 2010, and 60% of all mobile users get info from the mobile Web at least once a month.  Even with users flocking and many major players thinking about delivering content to mobile devices, there are no notable information architects in mobile  (yet).

His presentation details tips and tricks to think about a mobile interface for Web data, including:

* limiting content categories to five
* limiting links to 10
* no more than five levels deep of category folders
* at least one content item per category
* prioritize links by popularity
* design to directional orientation (screen orientation considering screen size and navigational buttons on a particular phone)


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