No Impact

In the world of bigger (more; newer; faster; shinier) is better, it’s time for a throwback, which is what Mr. No Impact Man is trying to do.  No Impact Man is trying to reduce his impact on society by, among other things, eating his own poop (composting, whatever — I didn’t read it very closely, but that that was my takeaway).  He came to this after deciding his lifestyle as a writer (the Atlantic, Glamour, Cosmo, etc.) was sucking the will out of our society and earth, and he wants us to join — after you watch his movie and read his book.  I’m all for nobility and making the world a better place and all that, but one advancement that I will always tip my hat to my forefathers for is the set of methods in place to dispose of my own feces, so I don’t have to.  So to N.I.M: I promise I will never buy an SUV if you don’t make me feel guilty for using a gallon of water to flush the toilet.  Thanks.


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