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A Slacker that Deserves $40 Million

I’m listening to Slacker right now for the first time, and so far I’m hearing music and not $40 million in change cascading into the Slacker bank account.  I started out as an avid Pandora user, then switched to the recently purchased Last FM, my reccomendr-du-jour of the past year.  Slacker has to create a downloadable client for the Mac in order to get me going, because listening in the browser doesn’t do it for me — that’s why I left Pandora.  And Pandora couldn’t support my weird taste in music (Last FM is pretty good at that I must say), so when I first searched for Fushitsusha on Slacker and they came back with Bjork, I wasn’t all that pumped, although I have since found a station for Rapoon (side project of a former Zoviet France member) and am temporarily placated by the woozy ambience.  I’ll be researching …


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