Industry News

DOS a Raging (Caging) Success!

So it turns out, based on the response of Web radio listeners around the globe, that lots of people like silence. Or they like Internet radio. Or they hate the CRB. Or a combination thereof. Regardless, only a handful of days remain before the CRB’s proposed rates threaten many popular Webcasters and the industry itself. Which sucks. Really really sucks.

Yesterday I gave quite a few plugs for the DOS while on the air at WZBC, even though our station wasn’t participating in the silent protest. After reading a PSA a caller suggested I play John Cage’s 4’33” as my personal protest — I had this same idea the day before, until a friend reminded me that I would be misrepresenting Cage’s famous piece by being seated in front of a broadcast microphone, not a piano. Even though I stuck with my friend’s rationale and didn’t play the piece, my bet’s on Cage, if alive today, condoning the use of 4’33” to promote a good cause, because Internet radio is the sort of medium that promotes work from fringe (at least as far as the general public is concerned) artists like himself. Viva!


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