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Microwaved Awesomeness!

Big surprise here: I am a big fan of transferring large amounts wirelessly for the sole purpose of doing something awesome (watching high quality versions of films, listening to high quality versions of music and radio, whatever else). The distance that data has to travel isn’t the issue — it’s the speed in which it travels. I don’t like cables, but Bluetooth and the current wi-fi protocols (G, N, etc.) don’t do that well enough. Ultra-wide band, which operates in the range from 3.1 GHz up to 10.6 GHz (low-level microwaves — see below), is going to be better at 480 megabits/second at 30 feet, or about as effective as the current hi-speed cords. But better things are to come. What is it? Who cares! Call it what you want, but a professor at Georgia Tech says, “You’re talking about moving gigabits in seconds, your whole iPod library, your whole video library.” I guess it’s going to be somewhere in the 60 GHz band (is that like the reheating a potato setting, or making popcorn setting?).  More more more!


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