Industry News

Big Moment for the New Music Industry

In the past week, Radiohead scored 1.2 million downloads of its new album “In Rainbows.” The album cost the average downloader $8. The average downloader? Yes, the amazing part of this equation is “In Rainbows” is available for free. The band simply asked downloaders to give them (the members of the band, not some record store or record label) whatever they thought the album was worth. $8 looks like a pretty amazing average, then (even with many downloaders invariably giving the band nothing, but that’s going to happen just like ten years ago when you’re going to burn a copy of the newest Radiohead CD from your friend).

Of course this model isn’t going to work for every band, but it’s pretty awesome to see a band with as rabid a fan base as Radiohead do things there own way. Radiohead has set the bar that many bands will now try to jump over.


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