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Podcast.com Fun Stuff

So our site is in open beta, after much work and still a ton of work to come. But for now it’s another way to find podcasts and consume them directly in your browser. We’re working on the whole bit about advanced functions for members, and connecting members with members, but for now you can try the following:

1. Set up your profile.
Add a photo and write up a bit about yourself. Look at my picture-age!

2. Find and add a podcast feed to your podcast collection (AKA directory).
Whether you use the search feature, browse through buddy collections or explore podcast tags, you are sure to find podcasts on just about any topic. Once you find a podcast you like, click “Add Feed” to have access to that podcast from your own directory.

3. Add a buddy.
This is a great way to make friends with people who share the same interests in podcasts that you do. Start at our community page at my.podcast.com to find buddy profiles.

4. Add a folder from someone else’s directory to your directory.
Once you find a buddy, look at their directory, and add a folder from that directory to your directory.

One of my favorite features is the Freshest Feeds, and you can see mine by clicking on the top feed in my collection. It shows you the latest episodes from the podcasts I’ve collected.

I can also look at my podcast collection on my mobile phone cuz it got the Internets: my.podcast.com/justin/mobile

On the way: widgets to put on your site or blog, which will definitely end up on the right side of my blog. This will display my collection of podcasts I organized or my playlist, which are audio podcast episodes that I lined up to listen to later (see my playlist feed under my Freshest Feeds feed).

Enough werk more werrrrrk …


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