Still Within WFMU …

I’m digging on archives of the Audio Kitchen, with 2.5 years (from early 2001 to late 2003) of audio archives available at WFMU’s website.  Each week the Professor presented this kinda stuff:

The Professor serves up an hour of homemade recordings freshly liberated from thrift stores and junk shops, as well as some amateur audio spirited away from the closets and computers of their creators.

The easiest way to describe the show is that it’s ALL amateur audio. Almost all of the material presented in the Audio Kitchen is recorded and produced by non-professionals, the products of everyday folks armed with recording devices. Most of what you’ll hear on the show is “found sound,” recordings which have been either been lost or trashed by their original owners and later rediscovered in resale shops.

Not only does The Professor himself spend untold hours hunting down these audio artifacts in stores and flea markets, but he also trades sound with a small cadre of collectors around the country who share his passion for soiled cassettes and the piercing squeal of answering machine feedback.

Uh, awesome?  YEEESE!


2 thoughts on “Still Within WFMU …

  1. When you get a chance, you might wanna check out my new blogs too.

    Thanks for listening.


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