Music Industry Trends: Going Down, Yet Moving On Up

No surprises here — music industry sales continue to trend downward.  Yet everyone with one or more ears know that more music is emanating from the many tentacles of the Internet than ever before, so the new music paradigm continues to reign in 2008, and Old Music isn’t involved.  Old Music — the music industry, the old guard, the major labels and their employees who are the only ones really affected by this downward trend — continues to try to reign in the inevitable, but even that is changing.  The last of the major labels has given up on Digital Rights Management.  This is big and awesome news for consumers, a huge upswing to counter the downturn (mainly in revenues) for Old Music.

But things aren’t all bad for the Old Music crew, as they continue to shock and entertain us in the news by producing freakshows like Spears and Winehouse (although the latter is at least a talented freakshow). So us consumers still get something good out of that deal, which doesn’t disturb us from getting our music via new media, the Web, social networks, etc.


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