Everyone is Beating Up on You, RIAA

toothpaste for dinner

RIAA, you should be proud of yourselves (and you don’t deserve a link) — if you say ‘no press is bad press’, you’re starting to take the cake. Before music-related services were the only ones caring to comment about you. Now here comes the Motley Fool, going off on how ridiculous you are for picking on poor college students trying to expand their musical horizons. That’s what college is for, right? Becoming more culturally aware by exploring what’s out there? Just sickening. CNET calls you “one of the most disliked organizations in the world“. Sounds fair to me. Others are saying you “have lost touch with reality“.

2008 will be the year of many things, and one of my faves will be the dissolution of this ridiculous organization — and God can only hope it doesn’t end up wielding more power on a global scale. Oh the humanity!


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