It’s Friday, and I Have Nothing Else to Say

I updated my personal site @ gardenbazaar.org.  I’m wondering the value of having a Web address with my name in it a la justingrotelueschen.com or somesuch.  I guess as long as I can search ‘justin grotelueschen’ on Google and my Gardensite comes up within the top three slots (comes up first and second now), I shouldn’t worry about it.

When you search for my surname in Google, my blog comes up 6th and a profile of mine comes up 10th.  The first slot goes to my uncle’s awesome project that chronicles my extended family since the dawn of it.

If I had a personal MySpace or Facebook profile, maybe those would pop up in those searches too, but luckily I loathe those sorts of things.  I’m considering a FB or MS profile for my newer Cafe of Shame venture, but holy crap are those sites a timesucker.

Speaking of the time, it’s Friday and I’m thinking about sea life — namely me on the sea sometime soon, sailing away, away from an angry dolphin.  Sailing season on the Charles starts in just over two weeks, and I’ll be out there rain or cold.


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