I’m Obsessed

I have to admit to being a bit nutty as of late about a cooking/recipe blog entitled Leite’s Culinaria.  I’m checking it constantly for updates. It’s published by this foodie by the name of David Leite who has written for the NYTimes, Epicurious.com, Martha Stewart Living, has won a bunch of awards for food writing, and is working on a Portuguese cuisine cookbook!  I’ve made four recipes from his blog in the past few weeks, including:

I’ve shared each one of these with dinner guests, and yes, as you can guess, I received at least one “holy crap this is good” from each.  I have another ten or so recipes qeued up, whether for myself or a group of guests.  This blog is one of those must-reads for people who like to cook and/or eat flavors and ingredients that are creatively combined and oh so tasty together.


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