Papers on Community Radio

The Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture group put out an issue about international community radio.  Get free access to the included papers here, or in the following links:

Kerrie Foxwell, Jacqui Ewart, Susan Forde and Michael Meadows
Sounds like a whisper:
Australian Community Broadcasting hosts a quiet revolution
Stefania Milan
What makes you happy?
Insights into feelings and muses of community radio practitioners
Dickie Wallace
Reinventing the Wheel vs. Grinding the Same Old Axe:

An Ethnographic View of the Students and Community Members at a Massachusetts College Radio Station
Jan Pinseler
The Politics of Talk on German Free Radio Stations
Özden Cankaya, H.Serhat Güney and M.Emre Köksalan
Turkish Radio broadcasts in The Netherlands:
Community Communication or Ethnic Market?

» Book reviews

Lawrie Hallett
The Alternative Media Handbook and Understanding Alternative Media

Fredrik Stiernstedt
Other Voices. The Struggle for Community Radio in India


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