A couple months ago we did an episode on bad poetry on the Cafe of Shame, complete with a full-on awesome segment by Sean Cole about flarf, which was and still is a poetry movement that accentuates the absurd and the obscene.  It has elements of Dada poetry, methinks, but also of the Aristrocrats joke (best accentuated in the movie) because it is inane in its delivery and content while still retaining certain rules.

Well, I recently discovered an audio treasure trove from the last flarf festival in early 2007.   There are some cuts from Sharon Mesmer, who is freaking hilarious and I think even co-authored a book of flarf that I can’t find now for whatever reason.


3 thoughts on “Flarf-egnugen

  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for mentioning me here. I see that my publisher wrote back, but just to put a totally too-fine point on it: I didn’t exactly co-author a book, but I did author one: Annoying Diabetic Bitch, available, as Mike said, through SPD.

    All best,

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