Create Your Own Radio Station

I’ve signed up for Radionomy and don’t have the time to look at it now, but it seems like I can create my own online, ad-supported radio station.  What I don’t know is if I can legally use all the 100-odd GBs of music on my hard drive at home to make this station fly, or only what’s available via Radionomy, etc.:

With Radionomy, everyone is finally going to be able to create their own radio station on the Internet!

It’s easy.
By tapping into the contents of vast music libraries.

By integrating their own musical creations.
By adding their own audio content, sequences, reports and podcasts.

It’s free.
Radionomy will broadcast these radio stations around the world and take care of all costs, including royalties. Radionomy even shares its revenue with radio station creators, based on the size of their audience.

Creating your own radio has never been so easy!


2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Radio Station

  1. seems interesting enough, though the translation to english lacks a little…as for your own content, here’s what they say:

    “When you use musical pieces, jingles or content from Radionomy, all the rights have been cleared by Radionomy. When you use content from other sources, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are not violating any copyright. When you create your radio with Radionomy, you must sign the Radionomy Pact that indicates the terms for using the service, particularly with regard to copyright. When a radio does not comply with copyright, Radionomy can interrupt a broadcast.”

    unclear enough?

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