Just logged into this again. My last real post was from 2009. At that time I was getting ready to launch a sound art festival and move away from the Boston area, where I landed after leaving Nebraska for grad school in 2002. Since my last post I have lived in Central America, New York City, and now Chisinau, Moldova. I went back to school and have a master degree in social work, and I am licensed in the state of New York. I got married and have a daughter and am expecting a son.

Other than that, what’s different? I’m less involved in tech (since it’s not my day job anymore) but I’m still a casual observer. I still make music on occasion, even perform. I still take photos, mostly of my daughter. And I stopped writing. The latter is my primary concern and why I fired up this blog again after six years. I started posting on Facebook but stopped; never got into Twitter. Looking to stretch out a bit more.

I’ll still write about sound art since that’s my thing, and tech as it relates to music. I may write about media. I’ll write about any projects I’m working on. I’ll post links. Now that I’m a social worker I’ll use this space to talk a bit about thoughts I’m having, ideas I’m mulling over, literature I’m reading. I want to use this space to get whatever out of my head and on a page. Get back in the practice of putting words together, forcing my brain to be a bit more limber.


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